CEO©* Aligner Program

CEO©* Aligner Program

Lemalâ™ Dental Group (Lemala) invites General Dental Practitioners to participate in our new and exciting program, highlighting the collaboration within our community in order to provide comprehensive and affordable clear aligner orthodontic treatment to the public. In addition, the program allows our partnering dentists to exercise a hands-on approach in respect to all the perks that clear aligner therapy has to offer.

After successfully completing 3000+ cases with Invisalign treatment, developing some proprietarily materials such as “Classification of Misalignment”, Dr. Marika Dekanoidze - our President and CEO - has officially restricted her practice to Clear Aligner Therapy. It is imperative to our professional reputation to do everything in our power to assure you, as our partner that your patients will return to you for all regular dental care.

CEO© Aligner Program has no restrictions, it is applicable for cases of any length and complexity. It is a new simplified, budget-friendly clear aligner program. It allows the patient to complete the orthodontic portion of his/her treatment in as little as 3 visits to one of the Lemala clinics, with additional monitoring visits to the offices of the primary dentist.

Fixed price of the orthodontic treatment is $2,795 CAD, payable at one of Lemala’s clinics. This includes:

  • Record taking, scanning, treatment planning, virtual simulation development and modification.
  • First-set appointment.
  • Treatment completion appointment, temporary retainers and whitening kit.
  • Lab fees to the provider of clear aligners (Invisalign).

*Conservative Enhancement Orthodontics **Interproximal Reduction

CEO©* Aligner Program – by Lemalâ™ (Lemala)

Mandatory dental services required for this program are to be performed by the primary dentist and the respective fees payable at the primary dentist’s office include:

1) Panoramic X-ray before and after treatment ($65 ea)

2) Cephalometric X-ray – if required ($65 ea)

3) Dental Perio Exam before and after treatment ($135 ea)

4) Mandatory Cleaning prior to First-Set appointment (suggested fee $160)

5) Intermediate appointments/assessment (as per primary dentist’s discretion, suggested fee $95, and minimum of 2 appointments are recommended)

6) All required restorative and surgical work should be completed prior to or after the treatment, as will be determined based on the clinical situation.

Additional services to be done in Lemala offices – if required/ desired:

1) Refinements: $290 (Rarely needed with good compliance)

2) PROPEL® Accelerated Orthodontics ($395) or V Pro5 appliance ($650)

3) Permanent or long term Retainers: always necessary in maintaining the final result ($200 – $595)

4) Yearly ortho recalls ($135 ea)

X-rays and Dental Perio exam records should be shared between primary dentist and Lemala in order to optimize the results of patients’ treatment. In case there is no Panoramic and/or Cephalometric X-ray machine in your office, we can perform these X-rays at our Lemala clinics. Half of your patients’ aligners will be shipped to your dental office.

Should any questions or difficulties arise during the course of treatment, Lemala professionals will be with you every step of the way.

Patient pays at the primary dentist’s office the recommended minimum amount of $750. If you prefer, all fees will be discussed with the patient directly, so the patient will return to your office accordingly informed.

1. You have expressed interest in clear aligners.

2. Your dentist will take required X-rays, perform periodontal examination and cleaning. She/he will contact us to set up your consultation/record taking appointment at one of Lemala clinics.

3. In preparation for your appointment, you may benefit from downloading üSmile by Lemala app. Register, take Aligner Qualifier and Photo Consultation Modules.

4. Visit a Lemala clinic for an in person consultation/record taking appointment.

5. The doctor of the respective Lemala clinic will develop your virtual treatment plan and share it with your primary dentist.

6. Once your aligners are shipped, we will schedule your first aligner appointment at Lemala to have buttons placed, perform IPR**, if required, and give you the sufficient number of aligners and the corresponding instructions. Your primary dentist will receive the remainder of your aligners.

7. Wear each aligner 5 – 10 days (accelerated or standard protocol), 22 hours a day.

8. You will see your primary dentist for the follow up appointments, cleanings and Xrays.

9. Come back to Lemala upon treatment completion, buttons removal, receive an additional complimentary set of aligners as your short-term retainer and take-home whitening kit.

The Lemala professional fee is $2,795 CAD.

All required supportive dental services such as X-rays, periodontal exams, cleanings and follow ups will be performed at your primary dental office. The recommended fee of $750, covering those services, will be payable to your primary dentist.

You will have the benefit of 2 Dental Professionals monitoring your treatment.

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