LEMALÂ Dental is excited to introduce a state-of-the-art technology which will benefit each and every one of our valued patients. A new era of unbiased dentistry is here thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) at work via DENTAL MONITORING® mobile application. LEMALÂ Dental is constantly striving to provide patients with convenient, efficient and cutting-edge services. We are one of the first clinics in North America to offer DENTAL MONITORING® (DM).

The DM system is able to remotely track your orthodontic treatment. The App features a number of useful resources; you can review your past photos, replay your treatment evolution, and so much more! While using DM there is less chance for unexpected situations to occur, it adapts the aligner changes to biological response, there is better communication with the practice and we will finally be able to reward your dedicated compliance!

This App will also help us optimize your treatment time, ensure a more predictable outcome, improve treatment tracking and early detection of unexpected situations. Our office now has an opportunity to be with you every step of the way. We will assess your weekly scans remotely, ultimately saving you an additional visit to the clinic and giving you more time to do what you truly want to be doing.

DM's artificial intelligence technology uses highly accurate clinical measurement tools making the scans pixel-accurate, the human eye is not a match to this AI sensitivity.

In the likelihood of a warning from DM, we have the capability of choosing how to proceed. We are now able to instruct our patients remotely - it’s like having a “doc in your pock” - never before we were able to monitor our patients so closely!

The benefits of DM are not just limited to clear-aligner therapy. DM is also hard at work, checking for gingivitis, plaque, recessions, monitoring the condition of your gums, assessing potential cavities, and much more! The results of the AI analysis are double-checked by a panel of 6 doctors and then sent to us. We have access to all of your records and scans, regardless if it requires our attention or not.

The logistics are simple:

  1. We will instruct you on how to use the DM App.
  2. Every 5 days you will scan your teeth using a smartphone camera.
  3. A notification will then will arrive. “GO” means everything is tracking and you are ready to switch to your next aligner. “NO-GO”, means you need to wear your existing tray for an additional day or two and then rescan.

One may think that this technology will cost an arm and a leg, let me surprise you: we’ve included DM to many of our Invisalign packages at no additional charge! You can also decide to add DM to an existing orthodontic package for as low as $20 a month!

After treatment is complete, DM can continue to monitor your oral health in addition to the permanence of your orthodontic outcome – preventing a relapse. If you would like to start our DM retention monitoring program or simply like to enhance your at-home oral-health routine by adding a DM scan every 3 months, the total cost is $80/year!

Should the AI discover a cavity, since you have been closely monitored up to this point - the cavity would most likely be very minor, meaning we are likely able to fix it without drilling - saving you time and money! This easy program is a convenient tool that will help keep your teeth healthy and straight for life!

Coming this Summer 2019, we will receive the latest addition to DM, a Scan Box! This add-on will eliminate having to hold your phone up, making your scans even more accurate, faster and much more user-friendly!

We are so excited to be able to provide you with this cutting-edge technology. Please feel free to call the office or e-mail me shall you have any further questions.


Dr. Marika Dekanoidze
LEMALÂ Dental Group
Affordable access for everyone.

Dr. Marika Dekanoidze and staff learning how Artificial Intelligence can transform patient engagement, practice management and treatment efficacy at the DM Las Vegas Symposium, March 2019.


Please note; DM has implemented state of the art IT security measures to protect your personal data, and regularly performs penetration tests to detect any breach vulnerability. Learn More.


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