Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear aligner therapy is a form of orthodontic treatment which utilizes the latest advancements in dental and computer technology. 95% of cases that can be treated with braces, can be successfully treated with clear aligners. The most well-known brands of Clear Aligners include Invisalign and Clear Correct.

The main advantages of Clear aligners include: an inconspicuous appearance of the appliance, improved state of oral hygiene - you can brush and floss without any mechanical obstruction, thus eliminating the risk of decay. Patients will experience more comfort and gentleness while effective force is applied. Treatment lengths are overall shorter in comparison with fixed braces and other appliances. Clear aligners have a decreased risk of root resorption, teeth mobility and other complications associated with orthodontic appliances. However, Clear aligners require patient compliance and a commitment to wearing removable trays 22 hours a day. In other words, aligners should be on your teeth all day except while eating, brushing and flossing.

Please note, clear aligners have a potential side effect specific to this treatment modality. You risk developing a posterior open bite, usually more pronounced in those who grind and clench their teeth at night. Dental professionals who have training and experience with clear aligners are fully equipped with the knowledge and techniques on how to prevent, minimize and fix this issue if it happens to arise.

Recently some US companies entered the Canadian market offering to ship aligners directly to the consumer, without any radiological or clinical assessment. This approach puts patients at great danger of developing serious and costly complications. Clear Aligner orthodontic therapy is a complex treatment where the crucial phase of the treatment is a treatment planning, utilizing virtual 3D simulation of the required and built-in teeth movements. Clear aligners are then produced using the method of stereo lithography and delivered to the dental office, where an applicable procedure such as attachment bonding and IPR are performed. Once completed, aligners may be safely fitted. Patients will then switch aligners every 7-10 days and come to the clinic to get assessed every couple of months.

There is a lot of art and science that goes into clear aligner orthodontics, where the good practitioner will take into consideration not only alignment of your teeth and occlusion, but also your facial structures including but not limited to soft tissue profile, lip contours, nasal prominence, and overall smile appearance.

As we live in an era with fast-paced technological advances, Clear aligner treatment can be monitored utilizing Artificial Intelligence applications, such as Dental Monitoring and other mobile apps, connecting you directly with your treatment provider, for example, üSmile by Lemalâ app.

When choosing your Clear aligners provider, it is important to ask questions with respect to the experience your provider has with this mode of orthodontic treatment. It is important to be informed of all the choices that you have regarding your particular issue.

Great smiles build confidence, Lemalâ Dental is confident to bring you a great smile.


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