Aligner Revenue

Aligner Revenue

Are you making Clear Aligner Therapy work for your Dental Practice?

You’ve incorporated Clear Aligner Therapy into your general dental practice but are you seeing the results you should be?

Within the first year, you should be experiencing:
  1. A minimum of 50% increase in production and revenue.
  2. Your practice operates seamlessly necessitating less of your time in the office by utilizing adequately prepared Hygienists and Level 2 Assistants.
  3. You should be close to receiving a top tier corporate discount with your provider, and your patients (at a 90% acceptance rate for clear aligner treatment) are thrilled with their results and your dental practice.

The additional revenue stream is, undeniably, an immense gain personally and professionally.  The satisfaction you see from your patients when their treatment is complete cannot be measured.

The facts are simple.

According to, “Orthodontics is a booming market worth $11 billion per year. Additionally, many orthodontists are expected to retire soon. Increased demand (along with limited supply) means the industry should become even more lucrative.”

More and more patients are demanding clear aligners.  If your practice is not satisfying the demand, patients will go to a dental practice that is.  The dental practices that have successfully transitioned their focus to clear aligners have seen significant accelerated revenue growth as they realize the untapped potential of the market.    They understand the benefit of clear aligners as a strong referral tool and operationally, involves minimal chair time allowing the practice to double their production.

The business model exists and it works. 

The proof.

Dr. Marika Dekanoidze, CEO and Chief Dental Officer of Lemala Dental Group, is a pioneer of clear aligner therapy with over 3000+ Invisalign cases and counting.  She has developed classifications for various cases of misalignment and malocclusion enabling her team to decrease chair time and exponentially increase production.  (You can read her case study here.)

She has two successful clear aligner driven practices.  Dr. Dekanoidze developed the model using her existing practice resulting in 100% increase in revenue and production in under two years.  Now, she has taken that model and opened a new practice that achieved over $400,000 in revenue within the first 6 months and a dentist is in the office 1.5 days a week.

The proof is in the numbers and Lemala Dental Group can help you achieve the numbers you need to run your successful aligner-driven practice.

1. Guaranteed 90% acceptance rate of all clear aligner cases.

2. Invisalign corporate discount tier benefits with saving at approximately 40% or more from day one. Other substantial exclusive group discounts (without buying volume) on dental supplies, equipment, energy (gas, electricity) and more.

3. Help and support navigating simple and complex cases and treatment plans.

4. Creating a steady additional recall program (6 months and yearly ortho recalls) benefitting the patient who is maintaining the achieved results while benefitting the business (most efficient chair time cost appointment) and the opportunity to retain a substantial number of patients for other dental and hygiene procedures, thus building your practice in record time and generating restorative and hygiene income.

6. A flexible schedule while doubling production.


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