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Looking to straighten your teeth?

In our practices, we pay special attention to Invisalign® orthodontic treatment — a state-of-the-art patient-friendly method for straightening teeth. You will appreciate being able to smile wide without having the insecurity of braces, among a number of other benefits Invisalign® provides such as not being confined to certain foods, and the ability to brush and floss regularly. There is no pain in the process, and the results are amazing. 95% of those who are candidates for braces are also candidates for Invisalign®.

Come by for a free Invisalign® consultation.. and start smiling more™.

Introducing üTrack©

üTrack© is a new simplified budget-friendly program suitable for specific mild to moderate cases


- Fixed price. - $2795 + xrays, includes temporary retainers and whitening

- Complete your treatment with only 3 visits to the office 

- Maximum utilization of üSmile by Lemala App ( saves you time and money ) 

Introducing üTrack-cx©

Now offering üTrack-cx© for cases of any difficulty.


- Allows us to treat long distance patients in 3 appointments with revolutionary AI technology.

- Fixed price. - $2995 + xrays, includes temporary retainers and whitening.

- Now powered by Artificial Intelligence and available for complex cases.

Why LEMAL™ ?

We have experience

With over 2000 cases completed, you can trust us to get the job done properly. We are proud to be the only Canadian practice out of six providers in North America who have reached the same or higher number of cases treated.

Affordable treatment

We believe everyone deserves affordable access to the latest advances in dental care. We offer Invisalign® of any length and complexity for a low flat rate fee, and we have a payment plan that will fit your budget.

Convenient and Quick

We understand you are busy. We offer safe methods to cut your treatment time in half without sacrificing the final outcome. Minimum waiting, maximum efficiency is one of our core principles.

Friendly Staff

Our professionally trained staff is happy to help you with a positive attitude and a friendly smile.

High Quality Equipment

We use state of the art technology such as digital scanners "iTero Element" and the "Trios" to provide you with the best that modern dentistry has to offer. The days of goopy molds you have to bite into are over.

Convenient Locations and Comfortable Offices

Our offices are relaxing and judgment-free, visit us and see for your self. Choose a location convenient for you, we are expanding to serve you better.

Patient Testimonials


Molly's case has been published at the Invisalign® summit 2017 in Washington as one of the top sixty outstanding cases in North America.



Nassim was so happy with the result of his Invisalign® treatment that he wanted to share a few words about his experience with Lemala. 



Ioulia just recently completed her Invisalign® treatment and wants to share a few words with everyone.



Our Work

Real patients, real smiles. Click photos to enlarge

Our Team

 You can put your trust in our staff, they are highly educated experienced professionals with the credentials to back it up. We also take personality into consideration during the hiring process, so you can trust that our staff will always greet you with a warm and friendly attitude.

Dr. Marika Dekanoidze

Dr. Marika graduated from the Moscow State University School of Dentistry and as well as The University of Toronto as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. She also holds a speciality licence in Prosthodontics from the Moscow State University School of Dentistry (1995). She has maintained the Summerhill Gardens Dental private practice since 2002 in the midtown Toronto area, and continues to do so to this day.  Her and Dr. Zogala's new practice Align4U dental has been opened in 2017 in order to serve the public better

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