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What is LEMAL™

We offer licensed dentists who meet our qualifications the right to own and operate a licensed business under the Marks and using the System (the "Franchised Business"), training and support, and product pricing that is designed to provide certain dental, and clear aligner services to the public on a more efficient and affordable basis.


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Brand Recognition

All of the offices under our brand name have stellar reviews and a good reputation in the dental community, customer satisfaction and efficiency are paramount to the continued success of our business. if you pass our qualification criteria you will inherit our reputation and become a representative of LEMAL™, and as a result you will be running your business at a more efficient basis, with a great ROI and significantly increased production.

With our guidance, you will succeed

Lemala's support will propel you to the next level of your career. It could be you on stage next.

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Return on Investment

After selling twenty five cases of invisalign or less you will break even on your investment, making Lemala a very safe and efficient business venture.

20 Major Benefits


Unique, noble and timely opportunity to provide the public with affordable, cutting edge orthodontics and general dental care


Opportunity to engage in and incorporate (at a customized extent) clear aligner therapy into your practice of dentistry while maintaining your own style and strategy.


An effective application for both start-up and established practices.


Opportunity to benefit from the corporate discount tier criteria saving at approximately 40% or more from day one on clear aligners and other substantial exclusive group discounts (without buying in volume) on dental supplies, equipment, energy, and more.


High volume of new patient flow with minimum advertising expenses.


Unique opportunity to skyrocket overall production within a short period of time.


Opportunity to create a steady additional recall program: six months and yearly ortho recalls, benefitting the patient who is maintaining the achieved results as well as the business (most efficient chair time cost appointment)


Opportunity to retain a substantial amount of patients for other dental and hygiene procedures, thus building your practice in record time and generating restorative and hygiene income.


A unique business model that allows the principal dentist to work less time in the office and take long holidays while utilizing adequately prepared hygienists and level 2 assistants while enjoying the incredible personal satisfaction without the burnout.


The advantage of institutional advertising.


Protected Territory: Virtually no competition utilizing a similar model. (As of May 2017)


Clinical support, including onsite personalized training.


The right to use the franchise referral program.


Exclusive license to use the LEMAL™ trademark. Purchase at cost and sell Lemala products subject to local regulations.


Exclusive rights to use our bulletproof consent, disclosure and aligner tracker document packages.

#16 ( for iSmile details, click here )

Implement the iSmile application (Android & iOS) and other proprietary media


Rights to use the Classification of Misalignment© in treatment planning.


Enjoy the flexibility of being the owner and operator or hire another provider.


Step by step manual on how you can achieve a 99% acceptance of treatment. Benefit from years of experience without putting in the time. Turnkey operation after 2 days training


Affordable price-point, zero start-up costs and low consulting fees which will add a tremendous value to the sale of your practice.

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